Please Stop Animal Protection Law Draft!

We Do not Want the Massacre Law, We Defend the Right to Life!

In the process of accelerating the studies and discussions on the Turkey’s Animal Protection Law No. 5199, which took place in 2004 within the framework of the Harmonisation in the Context of European Community Law, advocates of animal rights held simultaneous protests in Turkey on the 1st of July. The purpose of this action and its declaration was to withdraw the drafts with provisions that would cause the violations to increase implicitly.
To explain these briefly;
Animals killed for experiments, hunting, and making food are included only in the context of welfare under "protection" law. "Welfare" is an extremely dangerous word, because we call the concept of "welfare" that expresses the mental quality of the animals that will be served to human service.
According to the existing law, animals taken by the local government for neutering and vaccination are released to their living area after these procedures. However, according to the draft, animals will be released to the habitats where they are taken, provided that those are not located near places of worship, education institutions, health institutions, schools, parks. This means that animals will be picked up and left to the mountain, which is the only place where these institutions do not exist.
The provision that a neutering centre and an animal shelter will be built in the areas with a population of over 100,000 indicates that there is no work for animals there, even if the population is 90,000. Our experiences show that thousands of animals are going to die.
There is also no positive development in the labelling of some dog breed as "dangerous and prohibited breeds" and in the practice of victimising animals. Likewise, we do not see the plan of putting a chip on cats and dogs applicable in terms of the official point of view of the poor approach to animals and conservation laws.
This article is also misleading in the draft of the law presented in the title of prohibiting the sale of animals in the pet shops. Because sales will continue through the catalogue. Under the counter production, which is never going to stop, will continue. The sale of animals is strictly against the principles of the right to life of animals.
There is no one who does not know that the approach of the municipalities to the animals has been "secretly picking up, killing, poisoning and destroying" for years. There is no direct regulation on violations of local governments in the drafts.
It is interesting to note that animal abandonment is punishable; a punishment for abandoning animals exists already in the present law.
It is also worrying that some points have been left on the board in the draft and it has been said that regulation will be regulated. Because regulations are the principles of implementation and violations are often the result of regulations.
As a result, the draft is not different from the law which became obsolete in the previous period.
There is no protection law that does not cover all animals. It can not be included in a protection law, "how the cows and the sheep will be cut, shredded and turned into food before they become stinking". It can not be a law of protection that leaves a rabbit or a mice for an experiment on a metal table for hours on whatever reason and leaves it to human compassion. There can not be an effective animal protection law which obviously can not fight against to a Hunting Law that regulates how a deer or a fox can be killed at an appropriate time.
In a nutshell, we will try to ensure that the authorities move in the same direction and clarity in this process, in which we clearly state our demands in order to speak of a real protection law. This depends on the high support of the public. 

Bildiriyi Destekleyenler / Manifesto Signers

Ali UçarmanİstanbulTıp Hekimi
Animal Liberation Press OfficeİstanbulAktivist Grup
Ayşe MergenciİstanbulBiyolog
Barış GünMardinAraştırmacı / Tasarımcı
Begüm TaktakİstanbulMali Müşavir
Birhan Erkutlu Antalya/Alakır VadisiAktivist
Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Hayvan Hakları TopluluğuİstanbulAktivist Grup
Canan Apariİstanbul
Cansu Eylül Yapıcı
Cihan Canbolat
Ebru Arıman İstanbulTVD Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı
Esin ErbenİstanbulAraştırmacı / Aktivist
Esra ErbenİstanbulEditör / Aktivist
Filiz MunganBursaİç Mimar
Gün Zileli İstanbulYazar
Güzide ErdenİstanbulMühendis
Hülya YalçınİstanbulAvukat 
İlkay AkkayaİstanbulSanatçı
İmren UstaArtvinÖğrenci
Kerem BaşkayaİstanbulÖğrenci
Mehtap Tüysüzİstanbulİşletmeci
Pınar Dağ İstanbulÖğretim Görevlisi
Sarah PaviaMaltaAktivist
Seda ArığİstanbulYönetici Asistanı
Selin KaleBursaİnşaat Mühendisi
Selver Sezen KutupİstanbulÖğrenci
Serhat Yurtgüzel İstanbulÇiftçi
Sevim GözayİstanbulGazeteci
Sivil Toplumcu İstanbulSivil Toplumcu
Tuğba Pınar GünalAntalya/Alakır VadisiAktivist
Ünsal ArıkBerlinSporcu
Yasemin AvdanİstanbulAktivist
Zeynep Gizem HaspolatİstanbulAraştırma Görevlisi
Zilan DuruİstanbulOyuncu
Zülal Kalkandelen İstanbulGazeteci / Yazar


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